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It is so important to have in place little steps to make the cooking process easier. One thing I always do, whether it’s a quick prepped salad for lunch or I’m making a huge meal, is keep a “trash bag” in my working space.

grocery bag

You are probably thinking, “I cannot believe she’s writing about this,” but I totally am!

I cannot stress enough how much of an impact it has on making the clean up quicker. Another positive is that because of this simple tip, I keep it clean WHILE I cook! Seriously. Believe me, I am no clean freak, but I have found over the years that keeping a tidy working space has a huge impact on the quality of my work and mood while doing it.  I have noticed this same thing with school work and testing.

The less clutter in my work space, the less clutter in my head.

You may not feel this way by simply placing a grocery bag on your counter, but I can almost guarantee that you will feel an immense relief when you tie that thing up and toss it right in the trash. One swoop and probably 75% of your cleanup headache is GONE!

Seriously, if you think about it, why do you normally feel like you don’t have time or don’t want to cook? You know it’s because it will take you half as long (or more) to clean up afterward. Also, those empty cans, lids, egg shells, etc. laying around are often dripping something sticky or scattering tiny particles of literally anything all across the counter.  Not to mention unsanitary–am I right?!

Do yourself a huge favor: Get a bag. When you open something and use it, drop it in there. When you chop the end off of a cucumber, drop it in there. That opened, empty pack of meat? Drop. It. In. There.

None of us ever know how to reuse those plastic bags we all have packed away somewhere in a cabinet or drawer anyway.

postit scrabble to do todo

Another huge time- and headache-saving tip:

Start your meal and finish your meal in one night. I’m not saying you should eat until you’re sick. PLEASE save leftovers if you have them. 😉 What I mean is, finish the job!

Do not leave dishes for tomorrow. You’re going to HATE them tomorrow, too, so why do that to yourself?

Clean up as you go. Use your trash bag. Also, have a plan before you start so that you don’t end up using every pot and pan you own.

My hope is that these tips will help you find more peace, joy, and fun in cooking meals, even when you’re busy!  I want you to love cooking these recipes I share as much as I do!

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