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My Garden – Putting my soul in the soil!

Hey folks!! I’m BACK!

It’s been a wild ride the last few weeks, (arguably months still..) but I’m ready and sooo happy to share my time with each of you.  I recently finished the graduate program I’ve been working on for over 3 years now and couldn’t be more relieved— but on the other hand, I’m a little lost with how to adjust my schedule. Being full throttle for so long has left me feeling like I’m in uncharted territory.  Please believe me when I say you need to check on your friends in school, or freshly out.. We all have a tendency to grow where we are planted, but life often uproots us, other people move us or change us, and we need each other to lean on in those times that worry and stress take ahold of us.

I want to share my garden with you! It is something I take so much pride in each year.  Watching hard work grow into something fruitful and useful is powerful stuff—not to mention tasty!  There is nothing like the taste of a fresh-picked vegetable.

This summer season, I have planted:

  • 2 Better Bush tomatoes
  • 2 pickling cucumbers
  • 2 yellow squash
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 jalapeño pepper
  • 1 cayenne pepper
  • 1 sweet banana pepper
  • Basil, oregano, cilantro, & rosemary

Let me say that I began small at first.  My first year, I began planting a couple of plants in pots. Next, I took a leap of faith by buying a pre-made garden box to take permanent space in my yard.
*side note: I used a space that would never hold grass for the LIFE of it. 

I recommend a raised garden box completely because it is so hard to keep grass and weeds out otherwise.  They will still try to grow!  But, it helps. Click the link to find the exact one I used. It was easy assemble, with no need for a screw driver or drill! I will list a few more great options below, based off of what I have learned over the last couple of years–in case this one isn’t for you.

In the last couple of weeks I have introduced another awesome tool toy to the yard family! ..A COMPOSTER! I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time. I am always trying to find more ways to recycle, and just simply be more efficient. I DO NOT like to waste anything. I donate used clothing, find creative ways to use food in the fridge or cans in the cabinet so they are not wasted or using up valuable space, AND now with the composter, certain food scraps and yard debris have a new, special purpose – to create a nutrient rich product to supplement my garden and other plants! Feel free to check one out and lets learn about them together!

Other helpful add-on’s for the composter: a compost starter– it is cheap and has easy directions; and a compost bin! It is housed on or under the counter and stores your kitchen scraps between trips outside to the composter. I have this exact one, which is stylish and comes with a carbon filter lid to keep out any smells! How cool!

Stay tuned for pictures and recipes of these babies as they continue to thrive! ..And as I continue to thrive and develop in this new phase of my life.

For even more about gardening – from vegetables, flowers, and herbs – visit The National Gardening Association’s website here. They are such a phenomenal resource!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” -Audrey Hepburn

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